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What Is
PennyAdz Advertising?

PennyAdz advertising is an incentivized advertising format that is gaining popularity in digital mobile advertising. In incentivized advertising, the publisher rewards users for watching an ad, or visiting a website. Advertisers with all budget size utilize Incentivized advertising to drive masses to their offers.

PennyAdz maintains an active database of members who are segmented according to the dempgraphics, and interests. Advertisers can start multiple ad campaigns and reach their targeted audience with ease.

PennyAdz is my only paid source of traffic for the past 2 weeks. I am getting satisfactory results for a fraction of the cost I used to spend.”
- Maria S, Affiliate Marketer
Does Incentivized Traffic
Work For My Business?

If you are new to incentivized advertising then you may be wondering if this type of advertising will work for your business.

Incentivized ads will work for any business if your offer is created for this type of traffic. Since you are approaching these audience for the first time, this is considered as “Cold traffic”. Your brand, message and offer should be crafted in a way to entice them to subscribe, try, or buy whatever you are seliing online.

Incentivized Traffic works if your main marketing objective is to:

  • Build your email subscriber list.
  • Get a mass survey for your business.
  • Get your brand name out to the masses.

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PennyAdz allows you to drive tens of thousands of people to your offer page without spending a lot of money on your advertising.

I am a member and an advertiser for Penny Ads and I use my earnings to advertise. I practically get my traffic for Free!”
- Cynthia S, Internet Marketer
Our Advertising Rates:

Cost per click as low as $0.4 cents per click.

250 Clicks - $20.00 (CPC 8¢)
500 Clicks - $35.00 (CPC 7¢)
1000 Clicks - $60.00 (CPC 6¢)
2000 Clicks - $100.00 (CPC 5¢)
5000 Clicks - $200.00 (CPC 4¢)
10000 Clicks - $350.00 (CPC 3.5¢)
20000 Clicks - $600.00 (CPC 3¢)

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My average cost per lead with PennyAdz is around $0.43! I'll keep advertising all day long if this results continue. Thanks!”
- Gabe, Survery Marketer
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